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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Advent Word Study #6

Angels: they play a significant part in the Nativity. But, who are they?

Angellos just means messenger - no more, no less. They have cerain specific powers, but they have a clearly defined role and there are distinct limitations to their knowledge and abilities. They are not objects of veneration, for, like us they have been created by god with a purpose to fulfill.

In the story of Jesus' birth, they play the part of heralds of important events that shape the narrative. They reveal the impending pregnancy of both Elizabeth and Mary with John and Jesus. They reassure Joseph and warn him of impending danger in his dreams. They announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds.

It is speculated that angelic intervention is more widely seen in cultures where fewer people have opportunities to read the Word of God for themselves. Certainly, whether contemporary accounts of angels are authentic or not, there is work for them to do.


How ould you react to a visitation from an angel? How would you determine that your experience was valid, and that this was truly an angel form God?


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