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Monday, February 26, 2007

Experimentation and risk-taking

You have a great opportunity ahead of you - the chance to make a lasting impact on the lives of a small group of people. One thing to consider is that faith often calls for taking risks. This includes Bible teaching. Just because you have always done something a particular way does not mean that it always have to be done in that manner.

God is a God of variety - hence the number of different species of beetle in the world. He has made us to be stimulated by this. We don't like to listen to a monotone.

So, pray. Look for opportunities to take a step of faith to try something challenging, branch out to minister in a way you have not done before - allow the God of breakthroughs to use your experiments to break through to the group in new ways and encourage them to take risks too. You model a life of faith to them through your actions.

A word of warning: obviously, we don't eperiment or make changes just for the sake of it either. Unnecessary innovation is unwelcome because it obscures the real message that God is trying to get across through you.


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